Tuckmar 6" MC6 scissor with multicolor titan fusion.

multicolor titan fusion.
Tuckmar 6" MC6 scissor.
Made in Solingen Germany.

Tuckmar 6" MC6 scissor with multicolor titan fusion.

Tuckmar  MC6 6" scissor.

Multicolor titan fusion.

Hi quality scissor with the classic opposing handle design for a traditional feeling during cutting

Made in Solingen Germany.

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Cutting Life:

Extremely long lasting sharpness due to the use of forged high-quality steel and the ice tempering process at -80°C for solid hardness.

Cutting Action:

Precision blades thanks to Jaguars bending process and VARIO screw for easy excellent cutting action. All you need is a coin to ajust the VARIO screw.


Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for maximum sharpness.


Guaranteed free of faulty workmanship for the life of the scissors.

(Apart from being dropped or damaged etc.)

All scissors are serviced and inspected before leaving ScissorCity.