Hairdressing Scissors.

Sharpline" Japanese handmade Scissors.

Sharpline Quality Japanese hand made Hairdressing scissors.

Sharpline" Left Handed Japanese scissors.

Sharpline" Left Handed range of Japanese hand made quality scissors.

Sharpline Thinning & Texturing Scissors.

Sharpline Left & Right Hand Thinning & Texturing Scissors.

Tondeo" scissor's Solingen Germany.

The Highest Quality hand made German scissors, made in Solingen Germany.

"Here Now" please enjoy your visit.

Yoshi Brand scissors.

Japanese Brand scissor's Yoshi" Now in New Zealand for you to choose from! 

Jaguar's Black Line design range of scissors.

Micro Carbide steel & Euro-Tech Design.

Some of Jaguars range, quality hand made scissors.

Jaguar's Gold Line quality hairdressing scissors.

Jaguar's Gold line, Advance Champion class scissors.

Unique styles & designs of quality scissors.

Jaguar's Silver Line Quality hairdressing scissors.

Slightly Convex Blade for Precision work.

Great for slice and slde cutting.

Value for your money.

"JAGUART" & Jaguar"s White Line range of scissors.

"Jaguart's Scissor's & Thinner's.

Awesome design's & style's every pair unique.

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Jaguar's quality hairdressing scissors.

Jaguar's quality scissors made in Solingen Germany.

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Jaguar's Left handed range of hairdressing Scissors.

Jaguars "Left handed" hairdressing scissors,thinning or texturing scissors.

Top quality Jaguar scissors.

Jaguar's range of thinning & texturing scissors.

Jaguar's BlackLine, GoldLine, SilverLine, WhiteLine, Jay2 & Pre Style range of thinning & texturing scissors.

"Happy shopping"

JAY2 Scissor's Powered by Jaguar Germany.

Semi intergrated cutting edge's with hollow ground honed blade"s

"Ultra sharp"

Perfect for Slice & Slide cutting.

Jaguar"s Quality JAY 2 Left Handed scissors.

Powered by Jaguar Solingen Germany.

A great value scissor for very little money.

Razorline's Quality Hairdressing Scissors

Great value for your money.

Chinese hand made quality scissors.

Jaguar's "Pre Style" series of quality scissors.

Jaguar's PreStyle range of scissors, hollow ground & honed to make slicing easy.

Great value for your money.

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Scissors & Thinners By "DH"

High quality handcrafted Japanese style professional haircutting shears & thinners.

Ergonomic designs for smooth effortless cutting.

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Hairdressing Scissor sets.

Scissor sets by Jaguar & DH. Please text, email or call to save.

Pick any 2 pr of scissors we have in stock & save on price.

"We Won't Be Beaten On Price"

eks Scissors Solingen Germany.

eks eduard kuhnert scissors from Solingen Germany.

eks Thinning & texturing scissors.

eks thinning & texturing scissors from Solingen Germany. "NOW ON SALE"

Tuckmar German scissors.

Tuckmar German hairdressing scissors. "NOW ON SALE"

Tuckmar "Left" handed scissors.

Tuckmar Left handed scissors. 

Santorini Scissors.

Santorini Scissors made in Italy.