Pet Grooming Questions & Answers

All pet and dog grooming scissors and accessories sold on  Scissor City's site have been selected by Scissor City to be up with the best in quality and workmanship in the world for their prices etc. All scissors are compatible with New Zealand's standards and needs.

All dog grooming and pet grooming scissors sold on this site come with a 100% personal guarantee that what you buy will do the job you buy it for.

Scissor City aims to be one of the leading New Zealand providers of quality professional pet grooming and dog grooming scissors and scissor accessories at reasonable prices.

Place your order and we guarantee you a great pair of scissors.

  • All Scissor City's Scissors are 100% guaranteed free of faulty workmanship for the life of the scissors. (Dropped, damaged or mistreated scissors will not be covered by warranty).(Scissor coating has a 12 month Factory warranty only).
  • Some scissors have Ergonomic handles which ensures the upmost comfort.
  • All scissors have quality fittings made to last.
  • We have a large choice of stylish design and colours giving you individuality.
  • Scissor City has many different sizes and varieties of blades to suit your purpose and needs.
"The scissors I have purchased from David over the past couple of years are the best I have ever used. The quality of his scissors are superior and the new scissors I have from him are simply the best." - Erin at TransFURmationsTransFURmations

Q: Are these scissors going to be suitable for me and my dog?

A:  Yes, we have a wide range of scissors in stock here at Scissor City, there is a style,size and price to suit everyone.

Q: What is the scissor quality like?

A: Scissor City will only stock high quality scissors, Some of the scissors we sell are equal to the best in the world. So please don't hesitate buying your new pair.

Q: How long will they last and do you offer a guarantee/warranty?

A: The scissors we sell at Scissor City are of a high standard and are made to last. All the scissors on this site are designed to be serviced and sharpened, but the life of your scissors depends on how you look after them. This is why its important to get to know how to adjust, clean & oil them regularly . It's so easy to learn and only takes a few seconds to do.

All Scissor City's Scissors are 100% guaranteed free of faulty workmanship for the life of the scissors. (Dropped, damaged or mistreated scissors will not be covered by warranty).

Scissor City also guarantee all scissors to be authentic, no copies or clones sold on this site.Please have a look at our guarantee page.

Q: How soon will I receive my scissors after purchasing them through your online shop?

A: We would like to think that you would receive them with in 48 hours of payment received.

Q: If I buy more than one pair can you combine shipping?

A: Yes this is no problem. All postage and shipping is free. (Only if you live in New Zealand).

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